About TriPainReliefTM

TPR is an alternative pre and post workout analgesic with an ARNICA component. Our proprietary blend of active ingredients is specifically tuned to the rigors of high intensity training, recovery, and competition, but anyone who experiences pain, soreness and stiffness will benefit from this cream.

TPR is the result of many years of study, research, and ultimately, frustration with market choices for pain and soreness relief. As a Navy veteran, having served aboard ships with many years of ascending and descending ladder wells and walking on the hard surface of the ship's deck, I developed torn meniscus and Chondromalacia. Prescription and OTC pain relievers provided very short term relief and soon it became a part of my daily routine. The eventual and unavoidable result was an ulcer. Not wanting to further damage my GI tract, I sought out alternative solutions and remedies that ultimately led me to TPR.

The journey for TPR came by way of consulting with many folks, including a very old school pharmacist / herbalist with over 50 years of old-world experience. Going back his days in Cuba, where his fascination with plants began, Rene Gonzalez, a gentle and very knowledgeable man has been instrumental throughout my quest for relief. When I approached him with my various homemade remedies, he suggested we take it one step further, especially since I took on the challenge of my mid-life quest in becoming a triathlete. In knowing that my story is not unique, the venture began.

Growing up, ARNICA in my household was familiar and commonplace - have a headache, use ARNICA, toothache, use ARNICA, ANY ache, you guessed it, use ARNICA! It was only natural that ARNICA would the play a lead role into what ultimately became TPR.

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